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SILC Publications
Work generated by our SILC Members.
Bibliography Database (SILC's Master Citations Index)
Relevant background papers that are either written by or cited by our SILC Members and our Spatial Network Members. This is a continually expanding database that currently contains more than 3,200 relevant citations and abstracts and over 3,800 authors.
SILC Members and Spatial Network Members may email up-dates for the database to Jenn Stedillie.
SILC Showcase Bibliography
To more easily scan our Showcases, try searching our Showcase Bibliography: This index cites all of our SILC Showcases from February 2009 into 2016.
Using Spatial Learning in the Classroom and At Home (Bibliography)
Find out how to use spatial learning in your classroom or at home, by reading these articles for educators, policy makers and parents.
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